Command Capsule

Command Capsule builds web and mobile prototypes for browsers of all kinds, and is run by one-man space opera, Harry Love, in Seattle, Washington.

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Harry architects and builds full stack web solutions for your project using open source software, from the front end to the back, or anywhere in between. He can also sing. Snappy dresser, too.

Harry’s delighted clients include Microsoft, AT&T, Intel, Best Buy Mobile, TD Ameritrade, BusinessWeek, University of Washington, Dashwire, PublicEarth, Wall Street on Demand, Green Canopy Capital, and Jetrecord.

Working on the web since 1995, Harry specializes in Meteor, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, HTML5, CSS3, and lethal doses of JavaScript. In short, Harry gets the web. He knows its secrets. And most of its inside jokes.

If you’d like to get in touch about your project, please use the space age Contact Form below which will send an “Electronic Mail” over the “Information Supertube,” or some such nonsense. If you prefer to send email yourself, please use

Harry and Command Capsule are not available at this time for contract work.

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